Basic Maths and Statistics - online assessment

Basic Maths and Statistics - online assessment
This product provides access to an online competency assessment in basic maths and statistics, along with training materials. On completion of the assessment a report is given as to the level of competency achieved. Three attempts are permitted and questions are rotated from a databank of questions. The training materials allow for self or group development of skills and knowledge in basic maths and statistics. A trial of the online competency assessment tool is available at www.fci-system.com

The topics covered in the assessment and training materials include:

Basic Mathematical Terms
Using the Calculator
What is a fraction?
Calculating Percentages %
Types of Averages - Mean, Mode, and Median
Maths in the workplace
Statistics, and More Statistics
Collecting and Analysing Data
Presenting Data
Types of Graph
Return on Investment
Pay Back Period
Net Present Value
Cost Benefit Analysis



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