Fraud Awareness - online assessment

Fraud Awareness - online assessment
This product provides access to an online competency assessment in fraud awareness, and training materials. On completion of the assessement a report is given as to the level of competency achieved. Three attempts are permitted and questions are rotated from a databank of questions. The training materials allow for the development of skills and knowledge in fraud awareness. A trial of the online competency assessment tool is available at www.fci-system.com

The content of the assessment and training materials include:

• Definitions of Fraud
• Fraudulent Activities
• The Fraud Triangle
• Motivation to Commit Fraud
• Opportunities which enable Fraud
• Consequences of Fraud
• Internal Fraud, and examples
• External Fraud, and examples
• Identity Fraud, and examples
• Computer Fraud, and examples
• Corruption, and examples
• Money Laundering
• Record Keeping
• Anti-Fraud Legislation
• Fraud Risk Assessment
• Fraud Prevention
• Fraud Detection
• Fraud Investigation
• Fraud Response Plans
• Whistle Blowing Policies
• Consequences of Fraud


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