The Non-Profit Manager (U.S.A Title)

The Non-Profit Manager (U.S.A Title)
Helping managers in non-profit organizations maximize their performance

This book considers all the areas of skill and knowledge that a non-profit manager should have, and seeks to encourage managers to continuously improve. The book is written in a simple style and covers areas such as a customer focus, and becoming a non-profit entrepreneur and more. The book is a practical text with worked examples and exercises and is a useful tool for management development.

Size: 154 mm by 230 mm
138 Pages
ISBN : 9781899448203
The book covers the following areas:
  • Developing a Customer Focus
  • General Management Techniques
  • Developing Quality Services
  • Understanding Supply and Demand
  • Achieving More for Less
  • The Non-Profit Entrepreneur

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