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HB Consulting is a sister company of HB Publications, and has over 25 years’ experience of delivering training and consultancy services to the private, public and non-profit sectors. As an established company, with tremendous expertise in our field we have identified the following cost effective consultancy and training packages which have maximum impact. For further information and a price quotation email .


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Bespoke Finance Training Workshops HB Consulting has a track record of delivering excellent finance training workshops covering topics such as budgeting, budget management and control, financial awareness, business planning and so on. These are tailored to meet the specific needs of our client organisations. They have a high impact and are cost effective and can be used as part of an organisational change programme or cost saving exercise.
Bespoke Training Needs and Competency assessments for organisations on any topic Our unique Financial Competency Improvement (FCI) System can be used to assess the competency in any area of management knowledge or skill that an organisation wishes to develop. This can include product knowledge or an organisation’s policy and procedures. The assessment tool is simple to use and provides the user with immediate feedback of the score achieved and bespoke report.


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Financial Training Needs and Competency assessment plus workshop for up to 20 staff Participants have access to a financial competency assessment. This can be a bespoke product designed to meet an organisations requirements, or one of our many off the shelf products.

This assessment identifies each of the participants financial competency level, and hence their training needs

A workshop, lead by an experienced consultant with the appropriate level of expertise, will be delivered, covering the areas of development identified by the training needs

Each participant will have access to online training materials along with a copy of one of our titles on completion of the workshop
Financial Training Needs and Competency assessments plus workshops for 20 to 100 staff This package includes all the features mentioned above, however, a number of workshops will be delivered to accommodate all the participants who wish to engage in the programme. The number of workshops will vary depending on the clients required workshop size.


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Budget Reviews, Savings Target Achievement Consultancy In the current climate many publicly funded organisations are having to face budget reductions and meet savings targets. We are in a position to assist organisations in achieving these objectives, not just from a financial point of view, but taking into account the continuing need to deliver quality services. Or focus is always on innovative and creative ways to ensure value for money is achieved from the resources available.
One to one coaching/mentoring for senior staff Many senior members of staff, including chief executives, directors and managers find it difficult to find time to attend training or take part in development activities. Our one to one coaching sessions are designed to focus on key development objectives and are delivered at times and locations that fit in with the client’s diary.
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