Unit Costing and Pricing - online assessment

Unit Costing and Pricing - online assessment
This product provides access to an online competency assessment in costing and pricing techniques, along with training materials. On completion of the assessment a report is given as to the level of competency achieved. Three attempts are permitted and questions are rotated from a databank of questions. The training materials allow the development of skills and knowledge in costing and pricing. A trial of the online competency assessment tool is available at www.fci-system.com

The content of the assessment and the training materials include:

• What is a Cost?
• Types of Cost
• Fixed Costs
• Variable Costs
• Direct and Indirect Costs
• Controllable Costs
• Uncontrollable Costs
• Capital Costs
• Revenue Costs
• Sunk Costs
• Allocating or Apportioning Costs
• Unit Costing
• Calculating Unit Costs
• Marginal Costing Other Costing Techniques
• Pricing Techniques
• Establishing Break Even
• Pricing for Profit
• Making a Contribution through pricing
• Marginal Pricing
• Internal Charging
• Controlling Costs v Controlling Budgets
• Cost variances
• Key factors in controlling costs


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