Budgeting for Managers CPD Courses – April 2019


This one day course is targeted at public sector managers (and those working in a non-profit environment) who have to take budget management extremely seriously, particularly in the current climate of budget reductions and increasing demands on public sector services. Budget Management is now an integral part of general service management and therefore required across all areas of service within the public sector. It is increasingly becoming an essential knowledge area for many management positions. We offer open course dates along with one to one sessions which can be arranged for a mutually agreeable date.

Previous Course attendees have said:

“The course helped me to have a better understanding of budgeting principles and financial management.  I also feel more confident to ask questions about management accounts, particularly as I have been equipped with improved skills to analyse and look beyond the figures in the reports.  The course was delivered at a good pace and I liked the fact that we looked at the published accounts from my own company which really helped put the learning principles in to practice and therefore improved my understanding.” D Ogene, Head of Case Management, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

“I enjoyed the course and it was very helpful. I have been able to bring back a number of recommendations from the course and improve our budget monitoring, helping to make our programme more transparent and offer greater value for money for the tax payer.” R Simpson, Skills Development Scotland

The training on budget management gave a solid overview of the different elements involved in best-practice budgeting, and valuable insights into how to manage and monitor budgets. I walked away with clear actions and useful additional learning materials.” S Hobson, School for Social Entrepreneurs

Programme Aims

• To improve the financial competence of learners in the area of budget setting, management and control
• To enhance both the underpinning knowledge of the subject and the ability to practically implement budget management techniques.
• To advance the participants skills and abilities, and increase their effectiveness in their current or future job roles

Programme Objectives

• To ensure that learners understand the importance of budget setting as fundamental to managing budgets
• To provide information on the different techniques and approaches to preparing and setting budgets, and how they should be applied
• To ensure learners understand budget drivers and how they impact on the budget setting process
• To give learners an opportunity to experience the budget setting process by undertaking exercises
• To encourage learners to be involved in the budget setting process within their own organisations by setting self-development activities
• To provide learners with information on budget monitoring and control techniques, including key areas such as variance analysis and projecting outturns, which will enable them to be effective in managing a budget
• To ensure learners understand the difference between budgetary control and cost control using illustrations
• To give learners an opportunity to use their knowledge to undertake exercises in budget analysis, budget monitoring, and decision making to control budgets
• To encourage learners to be involved in controlling budgets in their own organisations with self development activities

About the Trainers: Lascelles Hussey and Jennifer Bean

They are both Chartered Accountants, and hold Masters in Business Administration. They are the Directors of HB Consulting and HB Publications and Training International and have over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering financial training programmes to the public sector. They are the authors of the “Essential Skills for the Public Sector” series of books which includes “Managing the Devolved Budget”.

They look forward to sharing their skills and expertise with the course participants.

This course will include:

  • A copy of our book “Managing the Devolved Budget”
  • Course Notes
  • Illustrations/Case Studies/Practice Exercises
  • Trainer-led PowerPoint presentation

Next Dates:             29th April 2019 and 29th May 

Location:               Chartered Accountants Hall, One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA

Price:                      £275 ex. VAT 


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