Financial Management for the Public Sector – February CPD course

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This financial management course is aimed at managers and those working in the public and non-profit sectors.  Whilst they may be non-financial professionals they would benefit from an understanding of finance. This programme covers financial terminology; the key financial statements; the income and expenditure account and the balance sheet. Public and non-profit sector organisations have to ensure they are viable, and the principles of accounting assist managers understand their organisation’s financial position. This is a one day course which attracts CPD certification.


Programme Objectives 

  •  improve the financial competence of learners in the area of financial accounting.
  •  enhance both the underpinning knowledge of the subject and the ability to use financial information in the workplace.
  •  advance the participants skills and abilities, and increase their effectiveness in their current or future job roles.
  •  support the continuing development of management skills within the public and non-profit sectors with a view to maximising value for money from limited resources.

Programme Content

  • the importance of keeping financial records
  • accuracy and completeness in financial transactions
  • the income and expenditure account
  • the balance sheet including assets, liabilities, reserves and net worth
  • the importance of cash flow
  • developing financial forecasts for financial planning to achieve objectives
  • financial terminology

About the Trainers: Lascelles Hussey and Jennifer Bean

They are Chartered Accountants, and hold Masters in Business Administration. They are the Directors of HB Publications and Training International and have over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering financial training programmes to the public sector. They are the authors of the “Essential Skills for the Public Sector” series of books which includes “Managing the Devolved Budget”.

They look forward to sharing their skills and expertise on this financial management course.

This course will include:

  • A copy of one of our finance books
  • Course Notes
  • Illustrations/Case Studies/Practice Exercises
  • Trainer-led PowerPoint presentations

Next Date:              28th February 2020

Location:               Chartered Accountants Hall, One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA

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